5 Mistakes That we make while picking up a carpet for our living rooms!

5 Mistakes That we make while picking up a carpet for our living rooms!
We have lost count of the number of times we have clients asking us for a specific type of design and colours in a carpet without giving any importance to the following 5 aspects that make the carpet "Right for your home"

1. Size
2. Compatibility with your furniture
3. Colour of your floor and the lights
4. Orientation
5. Texture

Through our upcoming posts we shall throw some light on each of the above aspects.

Mistake 1 : Too often we end up buying a carpet that is just slightly small or slightly big for our set up. A slightly small rug makes your place look smaller and fragmented. A slightly bigger rug makes it look unkempt. An easy way to define the right size would be " The rug should go 2"-3" under your sofas and chairs". This size gives your set up a comprehensive and well put together look.

Mistake 2 : There is absolutely no point in buying a carpet with a beautiful centre medallion and then placing your beautiful centre table on top of it. This will still work if the table has legs and not a solid / opaque base however if that is not the case then the rug and the table just end up killing each other.

Mistake 3 : Don't go all matchy - matchy when it comes to picking up a carpet. The carpet should ideally be in contrast to your floor so that your hard surface and soft surface looks and feels different.

Mistake 4 : The design of the carpet should be in alignment with the orientation of your decor. For example if the entry to your formal sitting set up is in 'landscape' format the carpets design / motif should be in the same format as well.

Mistake 5 : A carpet is all about how it feels under your feet. Now we all like the silk smooth feel however alternating the smooth shiny yarn with a matt finish / textured wool is a great idea as it offsets the shiny part of the carpet.

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  • Rashi Bajaj