Rug Ornamentation in Hotels in The USA With Soft Cotton and Playful Wool

Rug Ornamentation in Hotels in The USA With Soft Cotton and Playful Wool

Hotel owners are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to satisfy their guests. A good hotel will do everything in its capacity to make sure the guests have a delightful experience with the utmost comfort. For this experience to be holistic, the hotel needs to focus on having friendly staff, top notch cleanliness as well as aesthetic value. Carpet Couture has been associated with some of the finest hotels in the United States.

The hospitality industry is always looking for fine taste when it comes to the décor. They choose Carpet Couture for its ethnic beauty as well as for its sustainability. Our woolen carpets and cotton carpets are soft, cosy and warm which adds to the guests’ comfort experience. Our artisans have mastered various designs ranging from ethnic, vintage, Victorian and those of modern art. They are made from natural and renewable resources which can be broken down to its original form and recycled. Over the past few years, the planet is experiencing a crisis which had led to most people opting for sustainable living. We are the choice of our clients because we realise the important of giving back to the environment and not defiling it. Fibre options like raw silk, banana silk, bamboo silk and New Zealand wool are given to the client and customised if required.

Hotels that are by the coastal areas opt for our products firstly because they need to protect their hard wood floors but mainly because out carpets are made of recycled plastic which means that it is moisture and humidity resistant. It is easy to clean and maintain, and it will not wither away in harsh weather. It will look brand new and will add to the grandeur of the hotel for a long time. Hotels prefer carpets that can cope with the daily hustle and bustle, and one that will not have to be replaced every few months. The guests come from all over the world throughout the year and it is important for the look and feel of the hotel to be as promised on their website or brochures. Carpet Couture delivers this quality and is thus the first choice of our esteemed clients.

The United States is one of the busiest countries in the world with people travelling there on business or for a vacation. It is important for hotels to receive a good rating if they want guests to be loyal. Our woollen carpets are displayed at a New York luxury hotel in the reception, guest rooms, lobby as well as the restaurant. This hotel has opted for a French and Moroccan touch and have selected carpets accordingly. Another lovely boutique hotel in China Town, New York and has gone for a modern art look. You will see our carpets by the coffee table and study table in the suites.

Our customers have admired and widely appreciated the craftsmanship of our artisans and are happy to display our work at their hotels. We’re proud that the handcrafted, ethnic and tasteful designs of our Indian artisans have travelled across continents and are being loved by all.

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  • Rashi Bajaj