Care & Maintenance

Care Tips & Advice : Handmade Carpets & Rugs  
•  In order for your rugs to retain their appearance & shape for a long time please remove dust & stains regularly.  
•  A lighter coloured rug will require cleaning more often that a darker one.  
•  Vacuum your rug once a week & air it once in three months atleast.  
•  Another effective way to clean a rug is to turn it upside down and beat it gently.
• This removes all the lose yarn & dirt drops out. Make sure you do this in an open space /outdoors.

Regular Vacuuming  
•  Vacuum your rug / carpet at least once a week.

•  Do not use a vacuum cleaner with a rotary brush nozzle.

•  Please note it is normal for the rug to lose individual fiber when used. These are excess fibers & do not affect the general quality of the rug.

•  More frequent vacuuming on a new rug can help in getting rid of the excess fibers / yarn.

Rotate your Rug  
•  For uniform exposure to sunlight & wear rotate the placement of your rug periodically.

Stain Removal

•  Attend to a spill or a stain immediately. For dry stains scrape them off carefully without damaging the fibers. For wet stains blot them with a tissue paper and use liquid detergent to remove it. Use limited amount of water as excess water can harm the glue used to hold the fibers together in case if a hand tufted carpet / rug.

Spill Proof

•  All our premium Hand Knotted carpets come with a coat of Vetro Power Nano Coating.

Lose Fiber / Strands of Yarn 

•  Do not pull or tug at any loose fibers & yarns , use scissors to cut them.  

Professional Cleaning

It is best to use a professional cleaner to clean your rug / carpet once a year.  

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